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What sets us apart from others is that we have learned what are the three most common needs among the agents and with that in mind we have created this company to help each agent covering these three needs and that in that way each agent can achieve its greatest Potential and success in this profession.


#1 – The Realtor Needs His Money

How much money will you take out of my commission?

It is no secret that neither of us enjoy having to share with others the money we have earned with effort and sacrifice, that is why we at Rejoice Realty offer the highest commission of 100% and for 100% of realtors regardless of Knowledge or experience of everyone, all you pay is $ 395 per transaction and that amount includes everything and everything and there are no hidden charges which is very convenient and advantageous for you, right?


#2 – The Realtor Needs Closings

What good is it for me to offer 100% commission, but I can not do any closing or close very few businesses that can not reach me to support me?

In my opinion this is the most common problem faced by agents and that is why we have created this company keeping in mind the problem, and the solution arises when we ask ourselves why so many realtor do not do at least some other monthly closing ??? The answer to this question are three main reasons.


The first reason is that many realtors do not have experience so they do not know how to work and have no one to help and teach them;
That problem we solved creating a team of tutors to teach and assist throughout each transaction until the same time of closure, this way you do not have to worry and you do not have to fear if you do not know how to do things because Your business is always going to close.


The second reason is professional support 
It is very simple if you do your real estate work to perfection but do not have a good company of mortgages, titles, credits, appraisal, inspections, short sale, credit repairs, attorneys and more ) Then you will not be able to close your files because of this. We have a team of professionals specialized in what they do and that will help them close their files in the simplest way and in the shortest possible time.


The third reason some realtors fail to close the amount of business they would love to close
It is simply because the realtor does not want to work or because he is a negative person, for this type of people the first solution is to change the way Think and be convinced that to make money and succeed in any job the secret is to work hard and not give up and after they have this clear, then it is the right time to join the Rejoice Realty team to begin to change their Own futures once and for all. We do our part but you have to do yours so that everything goes as you wish.


#3 – The Realtor Needs Personal Attention
A well-serviced realtor is always going to be a successful realtor, today there are countless realtors who are dissatisfied with the attention they receive from their broker because they have virtually no access to the broker, we at Rejoice Realty are very aware of this and why We take this aspect very seriously so that each of the agents has access to the broker via email and cell phone 24/7.


  1. 100% COMMISSION
  2. $ 395 for sales in sales up to $ 700,000 after that is split 95/5 the commission and there is no other fee, no hidden charges.
  3. Training in groups or staff at the right time that needs it
  4. Available 24/7 office spaces + conference rooms in different locations where you can meet with your customers.
  5. No mandatory meetings
  6. No floor or mandatory call time
  7. All contracts and forms available online
  8. Closings in our offices, at the client’s home or where it is convenient for you
  9. Broker available every day 24/7
  10. Commissions of incomes of 90% for all NOT insurance of and / or no other hidden charges.
  11. Friendly environment 🙂 AND MANY MANY MORE BENEFITS FOR YOU …….


If you do not want to, you do not have to contact your current broker to change company, we do not have to either, we will only fill out an online form on the DBPR website and that’s it!

For more information contact us now, you have nothing to lose, you can contact us via email at or call us at 305-207-5777 and if you prefer you can fill out the form below and we will be glad to be communicating With you within the next 24 hours. Thank you for choosing us..!

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